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For Teachers

Powerpoint solutions to:

- Leaving Cert Higher Level Questions

- Leaving Cert Ordinary Level 

Leaving Cert Higher Level Revision worksheet.

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For Students

eLearning Modules:

For every topic on the LCHL course, we have a revision worksheet.

The eLearning Modules (seen here) correspond to these worksheets. 

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For Teachers AND Students

Notes/Worksheets (LCHL)

Haven't covered Statistics/Complex Numbers/Logs etc. since 5th year?

Our worksheets (with corresponding Powerpoints AND eLearning Modules) will get you back into the swing of things.

Exam Questions (HL & OL)

We have almost every LC exam question since 2014 divided into topics, as well as the Powerpoint and PDF solutions.



Want to know what the BIGGEST BLUNDER of the 2022 LCHL paper was??

The designer of the platform is a corrector of LCHL maths papers.

Subscribe to our Youtube channel, where you'll get walkthrough solutions, as well as tips on how to approach exam questions.

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For Teachers: Worried about Junior Cycle CBAs?

Check out our collection of Junior Cycle CBA ideas (FREE).

A big challenge for Junior Cycle students is coming up with CBA ideas, and carrying out the project.

These lesson ideas are designed to prepare and inspire students to come up with their own ideas for when CBAs come around.

Feel free to download/modify/experiment with all the resources on this page.

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