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The Class of 2021: What They Said

Would you recommend these classes to a friend/family member doing HL Maths in future?

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The quality of teaching for this online maths course is great. The worksheets that are found on the website are excellent quality with easy to follow modules. The online classes are intense and worthwhile and can help tremendously with your maths skills.

Shane Kennefick

Colaiste Chriost Ri, Cork

I found the online classes this year very useful in helping me to understand the maths course in greater detail. The classes were very helpful and the teacher had a lot of great advice. The worksheets were very easy to understand and I used them a lot when learning notes and practising questions. The eLearning Modules were a great resource for independant learning. Overall I would say these classes were absolutely worth it!

Brendan, LC 2021

I think this course was very beneficial for revision throughout the year. In 6th year maths there is very little time for in-class revision so this is a great source for it. The modules on the website also reiterate what you’ve revised in the class so they are perfect for someone who didn’t completely understand a certain part of the class.

Sinead, LC 2021

Diarmuid’s online classes helped me so much in enhancing my preparation for the maths exam. I found his resources, particularly the interactive worksheets very useful throughout the year!

Caoimhe, LC 2021

Classes were very helpful if you didn’t fully grasp a topic in school and the website and e learning modules had nearly everything you needed for revising all in the one place which was really handy to have along with all the solutions to every questions which were easy to follow and helped for some of the harder questions in each topic

Cathal FitzGerald

Colaiste Croi Naofa, Carrignavar

Tacit Maths maths grinds worked an absolute miracle. Before I started maths grinds, I wasn’t even one bit confident that I would even pass HL Maths but thanks to the brilliant eLearning modules, grinds and especially the worksheets, I have been reassured when it comes to maths. I will never be a H1 maths student but what I do know is that I have definitely become a better and more confident maths student, and that’s enough for me.

Kelly Ronan

St. Patrick's College, Cork

I found the maths classes to be very beneficial. The worksheets were well made and easy to follow. The eLearning modules were a great revision tool.

Holly McCarthy

St. Patrick's College, Cork

I started joining the classes with tacit maths at the start of 6th year and at that stage I was failing most my class tests in 5th year. The classes and the website were so helpful and my grades improved massively. I would definitely recommend to any student struggling with maths.

Maeve, LC 2021

Diarmuid is a very engaging teacher, his classes were always very informative and efficient. I found the worksheets and eLearning Modules effective to recap on various chapters in the leaving cert maths course, making me more confident in my maths ability.

Katie Fox

St. Patrick's College, Cork

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