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What we do:

This website has the following features:

1. Worksheets: Provide LCHL students with extra Exam Questions to practice for the leaving Cert.

2. eLearning Modules: Students might a reminder/explanation for some topics of the LC course. Our eLearning Modules, specifically designed for the Leaving Cert, aim to achieve this. 


3. Online Classes: Some topics you might need that extra bit of help in. We have a schedule of online classes every week using Zoom. These classes are taught be Diarmuid, a secondary school Maths teacher for the last 10years. 

Diarmuid McCarthy

Diarmuid is the designer of the website, eLearning Resources, notes and Worksheets. 

Diarmuid also teaches the Online classes.


Teacher of 10 years, mainly in Carrigaline Community School,  Co. Cork


- BSc in PE and Maths Teaching, University of Limerick. (2010)

- Masters in Technology and Learning in Trinity College Dublin (2014)


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